AuSe V1.0

AuSe is fully autonomous seeding robot designed by Mechcreatio Industrial Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

AuSe stands for AutoSeeder which will fulfill the labour shortage in Agricultural - Seeding process which is grey area where skilled labour is required.

Tāṉuḻavi Project

Tāṉuḻavi project is iniative from Mechcreatio Industrial Solutions Pvt.Ltd , the project focuses on automating the individual activities of an full-scall farming.

As the part of the project RoWeR (Brand Owned by Mechcreatio) is dedicated for Development of an manual operated farming tools

As Next step towards the full automation AuSe V 1.0 (Fully Autonomous Seeder) is Designed and Developed by Mechcreatio Industrial Solutions has reached significant mile stone in late 2020's